Introducing the Magnetic Electrical Outlet - a new revolutionary product,
that replaces old technology, with a magnetically activated outlet.
It's safe, easy to use, and has a clean upgraded design.

product release date TBD

This Magnetic Electrical Outlet is easy to use. It magnetically connects to the outlet, making your electrical connection. The Magnetic Electrical Outlet is a Do-It-Yourself installation. If you feel uncomfortable installing it yourself, please hire an electrician, or handyman to do any type of electrical work. The Magnetic Electrical outlet is safe to use. The outlet’s connections are not energized, thus there’s no electrical connection being made. Once the connector is connected to the outlet, the outlet is then electrically connected. The magnetic connector does all the work, and keeps you safe from an electrical shock. The Magnetic Electrical Outlet has an appealing look, over and above the existing electrical wall outlet in your home or office. An included adapter will allow you to use the your existing electrical plug, with the new Magnetic Electrical Outlet.


Safe to touch. No holes
fascinating to children


Easy, magnetic, unidirectional
connection. Even in places
that are hard to access


Clean design


To assist with engineering, and to manufacture our prototype, we've lined up with Mina Product Development, a company located in Santa Ana, California, with over 32 years of experience developing top notch products such as the Oculus Rift.
As a seasoned manufacturer, Mina Product Development fosters enhanced product viability and superb quality while considering time constraints and cost effectiveness.

Currently seeking an accredited investor.

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Interested parties who would like to be notified when this product becomes available, please contact

Please note that this product is under development. The release date has not been determined as of yet.

Magnetic Electrical Outlet - Redline Magnetic

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